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Exquisite Town Car is a well-established and leading limo company in Orlando. We have been offering limo services for winery tours for over a decade now. Florida has approximately 35 wineries located throughout the state, all of which are open for tasting. Most of Florida’s wineries are located near the Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, and Orlando metropolitan areas. Due to Florida’s hot and humid climate, these wineries focus on Muscadine, hybrid bunch grapes and fruit wines.

Winery Tours

The way winery tours typically work is pretty simple. You and your friends or family get to visit approximately four to five wineries. This means that you will probably be visiting some of the best wineries in the area. To keep it more flexible, we leave it to our clients to decide which wineries they prefer to visit.

Winery tours more often than not take place over the course of a whole day, if not a full weekend. Visiting multiple wineries a day, you and your friends are going to be tasting a lot of wine. This could potentially lead to a major problem if everyone is driving. And whoever decides to go on a wine tour is certainly not the one who will be interested in driving. Therefore, people end up taking advantage of the limo services for winery tours. It not only takes away the hassle of driving but also brings along


Going on a winery tour in a limousine provides you with the opportunity of enjoying the trip in a convenient manner. Everyone is together talking about the adventure and feeling ecstatic enjoying their time and winery tours limo experience.


Traveling in a luxurious limo offers more comfort than riding in your car. If you are planning to visit a winery out of the town that takes several hours to reach, then it is worthwhile to opt for limo service in Orlando. You can just hold back and enjoy the ride without worrying about routes and traffic.


Safety is the utmost priority when considering a winery tour. Renting a limo alleviates the risk for drink and drive. You know your group is safe even someone has a hangover or someone has over done it. Moreover, everyone in your group can enjoy the winery tour to the maximum.


You can have the flexibility of booking a romantic trip with your partner or a weekend trip with your group of friends. We have had a lot of couples celebrating the 40th and 50th birthdays by spending a day at the wineries. As most of the companies have limos in different styles and models, you can choose the one that fits your budgets.

Reach out to us to book your winery tour in one of our limos and we will be glad to assist.

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